East Meets West


We Are China Bound



China Bound, Ltd. is the umbrella company that Jim Spear and Liang Tang, life and business partners, established to make personal investments in China and to provide a framework for their creative business activities.

China Bound是萨洋唐亮,生活伴侣及商业合伙人,为了在中国进行私人投资并提供具有创意的商业活动框架而建立的。

Our investments are focused on sustainable tourism. We also help clients acquire country homes near the Great Wall so they can join our community around Mutianyu. Jim’s passion for light and space has become a flourishing design practice.




Building Home


Jim Spear never dreamed that a chance encounter with a peasant selling trinkets at the foot of the Great Wall would lead him and his family to a new life in rural China.


“I have reinvented myself as a sustainable tourism entrepreneur and a designer of homes, gardens, interiors, buildings, and things to put in them.”


Life is a Circle


Liang Tang’s great adventure started in 1979 when she moved to the United States to continue her education, opening up a new world of opportunity that led her back to China and an exciting career in business and non-profit activities.


“My peasant life in the countryside offers fresh air, homemade food, and the chance to meet new and interesting people from around the world every day.”


Committed to Sustainability



Through China Bound Jim & Liang are the founders and partners of The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu Great Wall and related sustainable tourism enterprises. Learn more about our investments

通过China Bound 萨洋唐亮成为慕田峪长城脚下小园及其相关联的可持续发展旅游企业的创始人及合伙人。了解更多。



Sharing Paradise



Jim and Liang acquired their own home near the Great Wall in the mid-1990s and moved here to live full-time in 2005. Since then they have helped many clients from around the world find peasant residences and turn them into country homes.

We offer complete services to ease the complicated process of creating a countryside vacation home in China. We also introduce finished homes available for immediate purchase. Learn more about our services.





Fusion Design



Jim is passionately devoted to his design practice, which includes architectural, interior, landscape, and furnishings, as well as consulting and planning services. Learn more about his design approach and the many residential and commercial projects that he has completed.