Country Homes


Building Jim & Liang’s Home



As the saying goes, a good house is never done. Jim has been working on his and Liang’s family home in Mutianyu, pictured below, since the mid-1990’s. This home spurred interest, first by friends and then by strangers, in acquiring their own homes near the Great Wall.




Sharing Paradise



Jim and Liang have helped dozens of clients from China and other countries to find and lease village homes for renovation and expansion. The proprietary lease form and procedure has been developed over two decades and has been used to acquire nearly 50 properties from local families and village governments.


Their turnkey services can include design services and construction management provided by Spear Designs.


They actually live full-time near Mutianyu Great Wall and have a network of neighbors and satisfied clients. Hence, they are well-placed to know when a home occasionally comes on the market. Jim and Liang are compensated by only one side of any transaction and have created a proprietary form and procedure for accomplishing leasehold transfers available exclusively to their clients.


We offer complete services to ease the complicated process of creating a countryside vacation home in China. We also introduce finished homes available for immediate purchase.