Tang Liang


Liang Tang 唐亮


Liang Tang was born in Beijing and grew up fast during the turbulent years of the Cultural Revolution. Uprooted from her courtyard home she spent two years in a May Seventh Cadre School in Minggang where the resident families built their own huts in a barren flatland next to a dry river. Years later she took her daughters Lauren and Emily to see where she had been rusticated, an eye-opening experience for the children, whose very existence depended on China’s opening in 1979 and Liang’s journey that year to the USA to attend university in California.


Liang learned English only after arriving in the States and she attended Lincoln University and then San Francisco State, majoring in English literature. Liang tutored many students in Chinese, among them Jim Spear. A few years after they married the young couple moved to Beijing to start business careers.



Liang started with Unison International, moved to Westinghouse Electric, ran a variety of businesses with Jim, and also worked in the non-profit sector with Smile Train and other charities. All the while she was collecting antique Chinese fabrics, mainly ethnic textiles found in remote villages across China. Liang designs quilts made from precious scraps of hand-embroidered silks and some of her favorite pieces can be seen around The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu Great Wall.

唐 亮先后工作于友升国际公司(Unison International),西屋电器公司(Westinghouse Electric),与萨洋一起经营着多家公司,并且在微笑列车(Smile Train)和其他慈善机构的非盈利性组织工作。多年来她一直收藏古老的中式织物,主要为中国境内偏僻山村中的少数民族织物。唐亮利用珍贵的小块残品手工 刺绣设计出各式挂毯,很多她心仪的作品都能够在以她为合伙人之一的慕田峪小园见到。

Liang is actively engaged in all aspects of China Bound with a particular emphasis on operations, sales, client development, and government relations. She is an active participant in the PATA China Chapter and is frequently invited to speak at tourism and rural development meetings.

唐亮在China Bound活跃地参与公司业务,尤其在整体运营,营销,发展客户,及政府关系方面作为核心重点。她是亚太旅游中国分部的理事,经常被邀请参加有关旅游和乡村发展的会议并发言。