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Fusion Design


Jim aims to synthesize disparate elements — Western and Chinese, traditional and modern, urban and rural. His work shows sensitivity to space and light and is always concerned with utility and sustainability. Whenever feasible he infuses existing buildings with new life.

萨洋的目地是合而为一: 西方与东方,传统与现代,城市与乡村。从他的作品可以看到多空间和光的敏感,他非常注重效用和可持续性。在所有可能的情况下,他都会充分利用老建筑,给予新的生命。

Jim describes himself as a “designer” since he was not formally trained or certified as an architect. He typically associates with a compatible architectural firm in order to provide comprehensive standard drawings to clients and is also experienced working with engineering firms to ensure structural and systems soundness.

萨洋对他自己的定位是”设计者“, 因为他不是专业学习建筑,且不是一个注册建筑师。他通常会同可以一起合作的建筑师事务所向客户提供标准图纸,并在同工程公司合作方面有着丰富的经验,来保证结构和系统的合理性。

Jim’s work was explored in the monograph Great Wall Style and has been featured in many design publications, including Architectural Digest. Please have a look at our Press page to see the full gamut of media coverage




Designing for Clients


Jim’s practice has focussed on residential and commercial projects, including architectural design, interior architecture, and landscape architecture. He has also created and overseen the fabrication of many custom furnishings to ensure a fitting and unique look for each site, space, and function.


Consulting & Planning


Jim and Liang’s success in designing and operating sustainable tourism destinations has resulted in many government agencies and private developers across China retaining our team to evaluate their potential projects and develop conceptual plans.


The insight gained from inspecting sites and projects around the country inform both Jim’s advice and his own designs for clients.


We are open to new consulting and planning assignments within the context of our other commitments and welcome enquiries.